About Us

Our Beginning

Next Careers was developed by the Australia National Institute of Business and Technology as a career service to provide practical job placements and internships needed to help students complete their studies and gain employment opportunities for them upon graduation.

Next Careers Services

Overtime we have expanded our services and invested heavily in businesses and projects with other corporations to help individuals and businesses by providing a range of Education, Recruitment & Career Services  that’s required to move forward professionally. Through Investment and collaborations we are able to provide services in the following areas.

  • Education and Training through our Company owned RTO: Edina Institute,  and also our via collaboration with the Australian National Institute of Business and Technology.
  • Recruitment of native English Speaking Teachers abroad by working directly with Private and Government schools abroad and also with our longstanding partnerships with several large Government Authorised Foreign Teacher Dispatchers on China.
  • Individual Professional Career Development including Career Coaching and Internships by networking directly alongside industry, business and education contacts who give us access to resources and great advantages when assisting in individual Career Development.

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide the highest quality career development solutions to individuals and businesses backed by over 10 years experience. We are not just another recruitment company. Next Careers involvement in the education sectors gives us a leading edge and understanding of the importance of study to career transition and also the employable skills required to enter into the job force or take on new staff.