Applying for an Internship

Step 1

The first step of arranging your Next Careers Internship is to fill in the contact form on our website. Please fill in all of your personal information on this form and upload your resume, cover letter and educational background accordingly.

Step 2

After reviewing your enquiry and documents we will arrange for a convenient time to speak with you and explain what are  the fees involved and how the process works.

Step 3 

A deposit fee of $500 + GST will be paid in order for us to move forward with finding the right matching company based on your Internship needs. If a suitable position is not found within a 12 week period then a 50% refund will be applicable.

Step 4

Next Careers will provide you with a new resume and a professional social media profile and set about arranging interviews for you. We will also assist you with interview preparation and professional etiquette.

Step 5

You attend the interview with one of our selected host companies and we will will provide you will informed feedback about your performance and host company decision. If you and the host company are satisfied with the offered internship, then Next Careers will arrange an agreement to secure the internship placement.

Should you or the host company not be satisfied with the interview, then Next Careers will continue to work on placing you into a suitable company.

Step 5

If you become successful in obtaining a position then you will pay the outstanding fee of $600, you will sign the host company agreement and start your internship on the agreed days and times.

Step 6 

Upon completion of the internship, you are presented with a statement of service or reference by the host company which details the training received and skills learnt with the host company.

*Please note that we do not arrange multiple interviews/positions with the opportunity for you to choose. If you are not satisfied with the prospective company for a valid reason then Next Careers will continue to work on placing you into a suitable company.