Diploma Of TESOL

In partnership with our Parent company, The Australian National Institute of Business and Technology, we are proud to present the Diploma of TESOL

The intended purpose of this course is to provide participants with a range of knowledge, skills and generic and specific competencies to support them in gaining employment for the provision of teaching and assessing English as a Second Language (*ESL), at a greater breadth, depth and complexity than at a Certificate IV level.

The course outcomes for graduates will vary greatly depending on existing qualifications and experience.  In general, this course is intended to provide participants with the following Vocational outcomes:

  • Teaching and/or coordinating English programs for groups of students visiting Australia
  • Teaching in overseas institutions
  • Teaching a variety of English language programs in Australian language schools where a higher education degree is not required
  • Teaching conversational English in Australian Language schools
  • Teaching migrants for the development of general English skills
  • Teaching ESL to students on an individual tuition or small group tutorial basis
  • Developing English language programs for individual or small groups of overseas students on a tutorial basis (to support existing studies, e.g. at university level)
  • Teaching in overseas institutions in higher level positions where a university degree is required or preferred in addition to a TESOL qualification

Some potential employment opportunities involving the delivery of accredited English Courses in Australia may only be possible where the graduate holds a Vocational Education teaching qualification such as the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent.