Internships & Vocational Placements

What are Internships & Vocational Placements?

Internships and Vocational Placements are temporary placements in workplaces and education institutions which can be a requirement for your studies or can be used to help you gain experience to help you transition from study to work. Vocational Placements and Internships give learners the opportunity to apply the theory and skills they gained while studying in a professional workplace. The placements can give students the chance to get the skills they need to transition successfully from study to work.

 What are the benefits?

Internships and Vocational Placements focus on teaching key skills needed by professionals in the Australian workplace and also the right way to think and act in a business environment.   Upon completing the Internships and Vocational Placement you will become connected with real businesses and other young professional and develop a network of professional contacts, which could be useful for future references..

 How do they work?

Internships and Vocational Placements can be paid or unpaid depending on the industry and the length of placement.  Internships and Vocational Placements lengths vary depending on candidates and their objectives or academic requirements.  The minimum length is 6 weeks and maximum length is 26 weeks.

 Who should do an Internship or Practical Placement?

 Internships and Vocational Placements are suitable for individuals who need to complete on the job practical experience as part of their studies, individuals who are completed a Professional Year Program and individuals who want to obtain work experience related to their field of studies.

Are Internships and Vocational Placements Legal?

Next Careers ensures that all Internships and Vocational Placements comply with the guidelines set out by Fair Work Australia. It is recommended that all clients become familiar with these guidelines which are accessible at: