Professional Year Internship & Vocational Placements

What are Professional Year Internships & Vocational Placements? 

These 2 types of placements are a requirement of your studies and gives you the opportunity to apply the theory and skills you gained while studying in a professional workplace. The placements can give students the chance to get the skills they need to transition successfully from study to work. At the same time, industry gets the opportunity to enrich student learning experiences and increase the number of work-ready graduates. Under the Fair Work Act, a professional year internship and  vocational placement is lawfully unpaid if it meets all the following criteria:

  • There must be a placement This can be arranged by the educational or training institution, or a student may initiate the placement with an individual business directly, in line with the requirements of their course.
  • There must be no entitlement to pay for the work the student undertakes Where a student’s contract with the host business or organisation entitles them to receive money for the work they perform, the vocational placement will likely have turned into an employment relationship.
  • The placement must be done as a requirement of an education or training course The placement must be a required component of the course as a whole, or of an individual subject or module of the course.

Can Next Careers help me with these two placements? 

Yes we can . If you would like us to arrange a for you a position for you will need to contact your education provider and let them know. There are no fees that you need to pay for these placements as all cost will be covered by your education provider.