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About Next Careers

Founded in 2005, Next Careers was developed by the Australian National Institute of Business and Technology to provide practical job placements and internships, helping students complete their studies and gain employment opportunities upon graduation.

Over time, Next Careers evolved into a comprehensive career service provider for individuals and businesses. Our services include personal and professional development, skilled migration assistance, event planning and promotion, WBT placements, and more. Collaborating with reputable industry, business, and education partners grants us access to valuable resources with which we are able to assist individuals in career development and businesses in their staffing needs.

We’re not just another recruitment company.

What sets Next Careers apart is our involvement in the education sector, giving us a leading edge and profound understanding of the journey from education to a successful and rewarding career. We are also experienced in equipping individuals with the essential skills required to enter the job market or onboard new staff members. We are not your typical recruitment agency – we are Next Careers.


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